REX's Audio & Video Facilities


REX is located in the historic Goose Hollow district of SW Portland near Providence Park, home to the Portland Timbers. We occupy 6200 square feet of a commercial building designed by architect Jim Stoikoff. Inside are two recording studios with Pro Tools HDX systems, three video editing suites running Adobe Premiere and the Creative Cloud, and a full complement of state-of-the-art recording and video equipment.

The main recording and control rooms were acoustically designed by world-class studio architect Russ Berger resulting in two of the quietest recording spaces in the Pacific Northwest, and they are conveniently located in downtown Portland.

The smaller recording studio (Studio 2: 17′ x 17′) has a cork floor and is ideal for VO, ADR, audio books, and anything voice related. The larger recording studio (Studio 1: 39′ x 27″) is both useful in tracking music projects as well as a super quiet space to shoot video projects such as product demonstrations, instructional videos, continuing education, music and dance, and many other types of video production that can benefit from a quiet shooting space. Clients can choose from a number of backgrounds including a 21′ wide green screen. REX offers Studio 1 either for rental (half or whole day including a basic light package) or with a full production crew.

Additionally, REX has a compliment of 48 music libraries from which to choose from every conceivable genre of music with tens of thousands of tracks available.

We have experienced production and post experts on staff as well as close relationships with additional creative partners (writers, directors and crew) who enabling us to support multiple projects across all stages of production and post.

3 Audio control rooms

  • Pro Tools HDX running on 8-Core Macs with lots of fun plugins
  • 5.1 surround sound mixing
  • ISDN digital land patch
    (Telos Zephyr) and IP based Source Connect
  • Dimension Pro Synthesizer, East West: Symphonic Orchestra, VOP, Choirs, Ra, Dark Side, Solo Violin, QL Spaces, Superior Drummer, Vintage: Korg Triton-Rack, Rhodes 54, Fender Blues Re-Issue (guitar amp), Roland Jazz Chorus (guitar/keys amp).
  • 24 (MCI), 8 (Otari) , 2 track (Otari) analog recorders
  • Racks of outboard gear including UA LA-2A compression

2 Audio recording studios

  • Studio 1: 39′ x 27′ with 1914 Grand Chickering piano and iso booth
  • Studio 2: 17′ x 17′ ADR and VO booth with cork floors
  • Mics: Neuman U67, Neuman KM147, Neuman KM184 (x3), AKG 414 (x2) Rode NT1 (x2), Audix drum mics (D6, D4, D2, D2, D1), AudioTechnica 4030 and 4050, Sanken CU-31, and Shure SM-81, Senn 421, 409, multiple SM57s and SM58s.

4 Video HD editing suites

  • 8-Core Macs, CUDA enabled
  • Kona3G & Black-Magic Multibridge I/O
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • DVD Studio Pro authoring
  • Blu-Ray authoring
  • Digital Betacam/BetaSP
  • 3/4″ U-matic
  • MiniDV/DVCAM
  • Color-correction monitors Sony PVM L/5 CRTs with 24 frame mode

Graphics Capabilities

  • After Effects
  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • 2D/3D Animation

Shooting Stage

  • 39’ x 27’ space
  • Super quiet! Great for interviews or small shoots with sound.
  • 21’ x 24’ suspended rag green screen with additional green flooring
  • White, black and mottled backdrops
  • Green screen lights, 3 x 500W softboxes, boom mic included at no extra charge
  • Iso booth great for clients
  • Half and full day rates (between 8 am – 6 pm M-F, weekend and before and after available for additional charge)
  • Additional equipment available for rent
  • See 3D scans of the building:
    Full Building

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