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It was a great day when John Malkovich strolled into REX to record additional dialogue for his character Dr. Octavius Brine in the new film "Penguins of Madagascar" by DreamWorks Animation, now in theaters across America!


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Big congratulations to Dean Devlin and Electric Entertainment for renewal of The Librarians! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


librarians rebecca romijn inset

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Congratulations to Portlandia for getting renewed for two more seasons! We've had a blast working with the crazy and creative cast and crew these past seasons. Has it really been five years already?



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One of our latest REX Video Productions we had tons of fun working with the Oregon Lottery, the amazing talent, adding motion graphics, sound design, on and on this is a great example of our full suite of capabilities.

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Anna Jane Bishop Nominated-2!Anna Jane Bishop - Nominated for Three '2014 Artist In Music Awards'!

Anna Jane Bishop has been nominated for three 2014 'Artist In Music Awards' including Best Teen Artist, Best Teen Pop Artist and Best Teen Single for her recent release "Romeo" (Every Teen Category Available). We are definitely not surprised it's been a very successful year for Anna. Lot's of recording, several video and theatre productions, a development and production contract, over 170,000 views on Youtube and 7,770 likes on Facebook!

Vote Now - The Voting Polls are now open, make sure to show your support for Anna by visiting the '2014 Artist In Music Awards' site at!vote/c60z to cast your vote before November 1st!

Congratulations Anna from everyone here at REX!

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Recognized worldwide as the top choice for ADR in the Northwest!

Philip-Winchester-4Actor Philip Winchester visited us this week to do some ADR work for the hit series ‘Strike Back’ returning for a fourth season on Cinemax with the first episode airing 8-9 (tonight).

A couple very important (and fun) parts of our core business here at REX. ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and utilizing ISDN or Source Connect to patch in and work live with studios and productions companies around the world.

In the case of ‘Strike Back’ Philip happened to be in the NW, the production company (Left Bank Pictures) is located in the UK. So when Left Bank Pictures started looking for a qualified studio in the NW to bring the two together “REX was the obvious choice”, something we’re very proud of!

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News from Anna Jane Bishop - A Development & Production Contract

Anna Jane Bishop working on RomeoAnna Jane Bishop has had a very busy year with lots of audio and video production along with some amazing moments as a performing artist and actress.

At REX, we had the opportunity to produce four videos and record a dozen songs including two originals written with the help of local songwriters (including our own music producer Brent Rogers), definitely some special projects for us.

From the very beginning Anna has been supported by her family and friends, engaged with the community and with her growing fan base. Truly a testament to the power of social media, Anna's exceptional work and honest approach has reached 1000s. To date Anna has over 230,000 views on YouTube, 6,500 likes on Facebook, and is among the top 3 ranking artists on ReverbNation.

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Romeo, A New Video Release From Anna Jane Bishop!

Romeo 667This is our 4th Video Production with a couple firsts for Anna Jane Bishop.

First Romeo is an original song written and produced by our own Brent Rogers. Second this video was shot on green screen with a band, the same studio musicians you hear in the recording. We had a great time!

Brent Rogers performed guitar, bass, keys and backing vocals, audio production, mixing and mastering. Definitely a mentor, partner and friend! 

Eddie Parente is recognized as an international Jazz and Classical violinists. For over 15 years we've seen him bring magic to country, rock, folk, he's the talent you want on your team!

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Airing on The Documentary Channel as part of 'Ladies First' week 

Brutal BeautyDirected and Produced by Chip Mabry Brutal Beauty is part of the 'Ladies First' Week Line up airing Tuesday May 7th at 8pm and 11pm, May 11th at 4 PM. Another REX Audio Post-Production project we're very proud of definitely a story that speaks to Portland's great history. 

The Documentary Channel is celebrating women throughout the first full week of the month (May 6-10), leading up to Mother's Day. Mostly these are stories of bonding, between strangers, between friends and between mothers and daughters.

There are empowering films featuring athletes and survivors and scientists and artists and all around strong individuals.
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Preparing for Domestic and Foreign Distribution

Rage 3Our latest Audio Post-Production Project, Rage written and directed by Christopher R Witherspoon was recently picked up by Lions Gate Entertainment and Industry Works Entertainment supporting both Domestic and Foreign distribution. 

Chris has been in studio over the last few weeks working with our own Chris Borges-Silva (online editor). They've been reviewing, organizing and consolidating files setting the stage for Russ Gorsline who is now working on the final audio mix. 

Russ will be creating a 5.1 surround and stereo mix for domestic use to then create M & E Track as well (music and effects), part of the process when pulling the English dialogue to then add a dubbed foreign language track.

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An Amazing Young Talent

Anna 667When we first met Anna she wanted to record some vocal tracks over a few of her favorite covers and talk about shooting music videos.

A perfect combination for REX, we quickly moved into full production. Anna went to work with Brent Rogers, our music producer and audio production specialist, and started recording. Meanwhile, REX video producer Tara Krick began working on concepts for the first two music videos with Anna and her family. 

13-yr-old singer/dancer/actor Anna brought talent and professionalism beyond her years to the project, and over the course a few sessions we had tracks in place and were preparing for our first shoot!

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  • Jeff Wiencken says #
    I was able to watch the video production in action, Anna is so talented, we look forward to having her back!
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Fifteen Minutes of New Footage

Pop2 - BrentPopulation 2 was back in the studio for a revised audio mix supporting 15 minutes of new footage.

Now truly a sci-fi feature, Pop 2 is listed among the films going to the Cannes film market with ITN Distribution.

The additional scenes share a new side to the story that illuminates the events leading to the end of civilization as we know it.

One of our biggest post production projects to date, REX spent several months working with Director, Writer and Producer Gil Luna, Executive Producer Jonathan Stark and Director of Photography Kenneth Luba bringing this amazing film to life. 

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Preparing For International Distribution

Russ The FallsOne of our Post Production Projects 'The Falls' came back in studio recently in preparation for international distribution. We produced an M & E Track (music and effects), which is part of the process when removing the English dialogue to then add a dubbed foreign language track, in this case French and German.

As you might imagine, we lose a lot of the original audio during this process which then needs to be replaced. Lots of Foley work, sound effects and design, editing, creating a new 5.1 surround mix; we spent 2 full weeks working through each scene.

Late 2012 we spent over 4 weeks in post production working on the original audio tracks and mix.

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Fridays, 10/9c on IFC

b2ap3_thumbnail_portlandia-season-three-winter-620x340.jpgReturning for a third season, Fridays at 10 PM on IRC a big WELCOME BACK to our friends at Portlandia!

When Fred walks in it's always a "hello friend" as Russ greets him for another ADR session. Carrie is little more quiet, you wouldn't know she was here until you get her in front of the mic.

What's really cool about all of this is all of the extra projects that come our way having established this great relationship. Fred was in last fall to work on his Speedy Gonzales character for Warner Bros. Carrie had to do a couple extra lines for the Simpsons episode 'The Day The Earth Stood Cool'.

We will share more as the episodes air or new projects come in but a big thank to Portlandia, always a ton of fun!! Read More>


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Author Andrew Angus - Switch Video

b2ap3_thumbnail_Switch.jpgThere’s no doubt that web videos are cool and fun to watch – certainly more fun than reading page after page of text. But does it actually work? Absolutely!

Beyond the fun factor, we now know that there are underlying reasons hidden deep within the brain that make explanatory video an extremely valuable tool for business owners.

Let’s start by looking at it in terms of time. Did you know that you only have about 8 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor to your website? Most people leave before they have read a single word.

And for those who stick around and start reading, what are the odds that they will remember your message once they’re gone?

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Dylan Reeve on Post-Production Stuff

b2ap3_thumbnail_good-enough.jpgFor many people in the TV and video industry good enough is a dirty word. It suggests a lack of care or investment. I think good enough should be embraced. Knowing what is good enough for the work you’re doing allows you to invest time and money in the places that will benefit the most.

When embarking on a new project you should establish just what is good enough for that project – in terms of camera, lighting, sound, codec, editing resources. There is a sweet spot for these things that varies from project to project. If you’re making a web series to be distributed on YouTube then a Canon 5D, inexpensive lights and microphones are all good enough for the job.

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