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AUDIO Production & POST

For over 40 years REX has been a leader in the evolution of Audio Production and Post Production. Voice, music and sound effects, sourcing the perfect talent, sweetening, editing and even 5.1 mixing; at REX we do it all!

In Studio 1 we work on sound design, a wide variety of music projects, and create 5.1 surround sound mixesIn Studio 2 we stay very busy with voice over and ADR projects, pre-records and narration.

We often utilize our ISDN and Source Connect capabilities to connect with clients located accross the US and beyond, linking directly to other studios and production groups.

Our audio work can be heard across all types of media, supporting a wide variety of projects including documentaries, radio spots, TV commercials and series, and lots of feature and independent films. We support our client's goals to communicate, educate, market and entertain.

REX has long been a music production facility with world-class studios and team, cutting edge technologies and core capabilities. We are proud to be one of the last grand recording studios found in the NW.

Below you will find some of our latest and favorite Audio Post projects. Click Music ProductionAudio Production and Audio Post Production to see and hear more!

pop2 667 border 4Sound effects, Foley, voice over, additional music, sweetening, editing, 5.1 mixing and deliverables. One of our favorite Post Projects. Watch Video>

the falls 667 border 4Sound effects and design, noise reduction, dialogue editing and 5.1 mixing; one of our latest Post Projects. Watch Video>

Brutal Beauty 667 border 4A Portland based Documentary about the Rose City Rollers, REX added the final touch with a 5.1 Surround Sound mix. Watch Video>

In the REX basement you can still find an analog 1-track mono tape recorder and many of it's predecessors including 2, 4, 8and 16 track decks. Our MCI 24 track 2 inch recorder is still operational in Studio 1.

Today we utilize digital recording technologies, unlimited tracking, amazing editing tools and the ability to provide products for any media.

We embrace and look forward to the changes that technology brings both in production and media. One thing is constant at REX, we strive to be knowledge leaders delivering quality products that exceed all expectations.

In our archives you will find mono, stereo & 5.1 surround recordings that have been heard on Vinyl, 8 track, cassette and CD, AM, FM and satellite radio, Film and TV, video and audio for the web.

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610 SW 17th Avenue
Portland, OR, USA 97205
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Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5:30pm
Weekends Appointment Only

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