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ADR on Leverage

December 02, 2012

ADR is probably one of the most enjoyed and challenging things we do here at REX. Most often, we’re doing ADR for a production company somewhere else (LA, London, etc.) but the talent is in Portland. It’s fun to overcome bad production audio challenges and connect with production companies around the world. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be able to work on a series for many years, as was the case with TNT’s Leverage. We regularly ADR’d the main characters (actors: Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, Gina Bellman and Tim Hutton) for seasons 2 – 5.

When Electric Entertainment filmed this Leverage sequence from Episode 206 in a Portland basement next to a huge air conditioning compressor, it was quickly obvious that all of the audio for the scene needed to be replaced in post-production. Actor Aldis Hodge (sporting a British accent) came into REX in between filming other episodes to replace his dialogue. The Russian character’s dialogue was replaced in Los Angeles along with the addition of new sound effects, Foley and ominous music by Leverage composer Joe LoDuca. This example shows three steps in the ADR “looping” process. Recorded by REX Chief Audio Engineer, Russ Gorsline.

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