Damian Lillard – Jaguar & ESPN

June 06, 2018

Our friend Damian Lillard was in studio recently – working with ESPN & Jaguar to create a stunning commercial shot around Portland’s iconic vistas. The production company contacted us regarding shooting at REX, as Damian wanted something real that would look legit on screen. He’s recorded with us for so long, it was the authentic locale!

Always individualistic, Damian’s ad is about self expression, not just awesome cars. One place he’s done a lot of self-expressing is at our studio. All of his hiphop releases to date have been worked on and laid out here at REX.

Damian often writes and crafts his material on the spot – so it was fitting that in-studio recording is an image of the man at his most self-actualized; utterly at ease.

What’s funny, behind the relaxed image of Damian laying down vocals, is the organized chaos of a production set. A good 30 people crammed into a space, everyone jamming on their respective tasks, dovetailing with each other – coalescing into a tight, quick production timeline.

Something that could’ve taken days was done in hours, and it was truly an awesome spectacle to watch.

Keep up with Damian here!

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