Video Production,

Eugene Mission “Signs of Change”

November 02, 2016


We’re big fans of the Eugene Mission over here. They run such an amazing program – not just a shelter, but a way for people to rehabilitate their lives and move on past addiction or chronic homelessness and really change their lives for the better!

We shot two spots for the Mission at two different times. For both, we cast the talent, permitted our locations and a crew of three got this shot in one day including travel to and from Portland.


For the first spot Skye Fitgerald was DoP and for the second, Randolph Sellars. Both times Terri Lodge was HMUA (and as you can see in the photo, played grip a bit too) and Tara producing. The “Signs of Change” shoot was particularly fun, as the actors had to match the timing of their action to the VO and speak their word at precisely the right time to coincide with the VO saying the same word. Shot on Sony FS7. Chris and Tara edited the footage. Russ recorded the VO and added music and SFX environments.

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