Video Production,

Hines “Your Personal Assistant”

February 08, 2017

Starring Cassie Greer as Kelly the impish spokesperson and KC Guyer as Scott the hardworking contractor, this campy video for Hines Mechanical aims to give viewers a free app that helps them order product, have visual confirmation when it’s delivered and view invoices.

REX cast the talent and shot it on our green screen stage, with Tara producing and Randolph Sellers as DoP (expertly lighted so no shadows on the floor in the head to toe shots). Chris edited the video and keyed out the green. Robert added all the graphic effects, title treatments and client supplied assets. Russ sweetened the dialogue track and Brent did the sound design.

REX Project: Hines - Shooting Stage - Panoramic

REX Project: Hines - Shooting Stage

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