Video Post,

Kaiser “Hello Healthy”

September 17, 2016

We were tasked by Kaiser to create a 7 part video, where each part could be viewed individually and are all cohesive as a unit. What you see here is all 7 parts married together. We were given a color palette and icons from the client, as well as the VO script, the rest we got to create ourselves. John expertly imagined all the story of the character as he traverses through signing up as a new member at Kaiser and then crafted the animation. Producer Tara cast the talent and worked with Brent to create an amazing score where each segment stands alone, but all work together, by adding and subtracting instruments. Then Brent added some really fun sound design. We’re really proud of this piece!

FAQ #1: “Ways to Access Care”

Later, client came back to us and asked us to reprise with some Frequently Asked Questions videos, of which we did two. This time Robert did the animations. Tara produced. And Brent created custom music in the same vein as before, and added sound design, bringing the characters to life.

FAQ #2: “Choose a Doctor”

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