Video Production,

Oregon Lottery “Lucky Life”

December 21, 2014

This is the most fun spot ever! We had to find a Transit and get a full wrap job on it, art department out practical confetti cannons, lights and horns on top of it that had to stay on when driven, and train a dog and a guinea pig to wear headphones we created for them!

REX handled this production soup to nuts. We found the location, cast the talent, handled all the art needs, crewed up 16 people, and got the animals trained. Tara produced, Kenneth Luba was DoP. Shot on Arri Alexa. Chris edited. Russ recorded narration and he and Brent got to sound design the heck out of the car. Watching this will be the best thirty seconds you’ll spend all day.

REX Project: Oregon Lottery "Lucky Life" - Production Pic 1

REX Project: Oregon Lottery "Lucky Life" - Production Pic 2

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