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Traffic Safety Division Driver Ed “Suspense”

August 17, 2016

Don’t we all want safer roads out there? Well this spot aims to make that happen, encouraging new drivers to take an ODOT approved Driver Ed course so they automatically pass their licensing test.


John used the supplied art to create animated versions of Driver Ed, Edna and Edie. Russ recorded the audio and got to have a little fun with multiple voices and reverb as well as some fun music. Tara project managed. And Brent did some great sound design.

Recently, the agency asked Tara to reprise Driver Ed to create “Join Us” where Ed stands on top of a sky scraper asking viewers to channel their inner superhero and become driver education instructors. John animated this as well. And Russ recorded the narration and got to play with some fun music edits, to which Brent added some choir voices and sound design.

“Join Us”

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