Video Production,

TSD “Make the Right Choice”

October 16, 2016

So when Oregon legalized marijuana use, they had a problem on their hands… how much pot smoked is too much pot smoked to drive safely?

So we helped create this spot to ask people to think before they smoke and drive.

This was fun because we wanted to shoot in a controlled environment of a studio, but wanted the appearance of shooting outside (in the Portland fall weather). So DoP Kenneth Luba and producer Tara Krick shot a bunch of footage around town from the perspective of a parked car. When we took the footage into the controlled studio environment, we could change the lighting on each car to match the lighting of the exterior shot that we took on the street (or parking garage). What was most fun was how the HMUA Terri Lodge got to use her menthol tear stick to make the talent tear up so they looked glossy eyed. She still swears it was “The best day ever!” Shot on Sony FS7. Edited by Chris. Brent did production audio, recorded the on camera talent reading the full script so we could chose in post, and in post added the environments.

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