The People

REX Professional Staff

Russ Gorsline

President/Chief Engineer
Post Production Specialist

As General Manager and Chief Audio Engineer, Russ’ 40 year contribution to clients and company is immeasurable. A recent recipient of the 2013 OMPA (Oregon Media Production Association) Award of Excellence, Russ Gorsline is one of the Northwest’s top producing audio engineers.

Known for his polished style and creative flair, he can make your recordings truly sing. His reputation for excellence is recognized industry wide. Russ will make sure you sound great!

Most impressive is Russ’ ability to embrace and utilize new technology while retaining expert knowledge of legacy formats.  Working with talent, connecting with studios world-wide, (sometimes as many as four countries at once,) preparing files in support of various post-production teams, Russ is truly an expert when it comes to ADR, voice over, sound design, Foley, surround sound and the perfect mix.

Tara Krick

GM & Producer

With 15 years experience in video production, Tara can put together a project for most any budget. Her background as an agency producer, talent agent and business owner make her an excellent choice to manage your production. Organized, prepared and ever watchful of continuity, she’ll make sure your project runs smoothly and see that you get the deliverables you desire. Her ability to stay on budget while organizing production saves time in post, reducing costs and headaches.

An international award recipient, Tara has a BS in both Advertising Management and Marketing. REX clients, including non-profit organizations, NW based corporations, local and international film makers and artists, consider Tara a partner who understands their business and what it takes to create, produce and deliver a superior product on-time and under budget.

Tara’s clients include: JELD-WEN, Oregon Symphony, Oregon Lottery, Children’s Cancer Association, Safety In Motion, MascotWear, Made In Oregon.

Chris Borges-Silva

Video Editor / Engineer / Colorist
Systems and Software Specialist

Chris joined REX in 2001 as the company’s first information technology support specialist. Today Chris is our lead video editor, engineer and colorist, the creative and technical force behind our video post production services.

Editing, color correction, DVD & Blu-Ray authoring, file conversion, film transfers and work-flows that emphasize high quality imagery from aquisition to final output are truly his specialty. Chris focuses on telling a good story visually and enhancing image quality start to finish, whether it’s for broadcast, Blu-ray or Web.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys skiing, racquetball, the culinary arts and international travel. Chris works on almost all of our many video projects at REX, and his skills are invaluable!


Composer / Sound Designer

Jamie Vance is a composer, sound designer, and digital creative currently working out of Portland and Los Angeles.

Though his love of music was ignited by his decidedly analogue early life as a young pianist, his adult focus has spanned the gamut from electronic music, commercial composing, sound design, post-production engineering, and web development.

Aside from sound directing work, his primary interest is in composing and creating new content.

His latest on this front includes work as a composer and sound director for David Lewandowski‘s latest short film, “time for sushi,” and he’s currently at work on some new-but-retro video game music for a secret passion project.

Brent Rogers

Music Creation & Production:
Brent’s Music Demo Reel

Musician, philosopher, audio engineer and REX’s “Greatest Smile” award winner, Brent brings a lot to the party. He composes new original music for clients or edits, adapts and orchestrates existing library music in a variety of styles and genre’ ranging from strummed Americana to fully orchestrated comedic parodies.

In addition to his own musical skills, Brent has access to an impressive list of Portland’s finest musicians.

With over 25 years of experience working as an engineer and producer in both music and commercial studios in Dallas, Texas and Portland, Oregon, while at the same time performing and playing (even now) as a professional musician, Brent Rogers brings original music creation and Sound Effects Orchestration to the forefront at REX.

Although Brent specializes in working with musicians and artist, he is also very experienced working within the modern independent film audio post production process and often mentors new filmmakers by offering presentations at REX for trade organizations and film festivals. Topics include: preparation and consultation with the audio production team and video editor, file management and advanced ProTools procedures, NR, audio editing, Foley, SFX, Music Leveling, M+E, mixing in Stereo and 5.1 surround sound, as well as “deliverables” or output stems requirements set by the network or distributor.

Brent has produced hundreds of projects for clients and many his own releases, so he understands the creative process from all sides. And, he would love to work on your project, too.

“If you are interested in a tour of our grand facility please contact me, I’d be delighted to show you around the studio and talk about ways we can work together.” -Brent


Creative Partners

Producers, Directors & DPs

Randolph Sellars

Randy has over 30 years experience photographing 100s of projects all over the US and 10 countries around the world. He’s shot 23 features as a 1st or 2nd unit DP.

Skye Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald has produced projects focused on human rights issues in 20+ countries including Monsoon Wife, Bombhunters, Finding Face, and Peace Commandos.

Kenneth Luba

Ken brings an impressive record of vision and accomplishment contributing to dozens of the Pacific Northwest’s most successful marketing efforts through film and video as a director, DP and creative force.

Motion Graphics

Robert Houghton

Robert is a purveyor of pixel pushing persuasion since 1996, he still has nightmares about 1″ videotape. He specializes in making moving animations, not just making animations move

John Lee

John Lee’s been doing graphics for us for 5 years. His creativity and 2D animations are par excellence.

Eric Felberg

As a young man Eric filled the margins of his textbooks with flip-book doodles of monsters. Eric’s worked with clients like Bally’s, LA Gear, TransAmerica and AFI.

Kasey Corwin

Kasey Corwin specializes in 3D motion graphics. He also specializes in computer graphic product photography as well as traditional photography.

Still Photography

Boone Rodriguez

Based in Portland, Boone enjoys shooting commercial lifestyle & travel work around the globe. When not behind a camera you’ll find him riding his bike, gardening at his Sellwood home, or making a good home cooked dinner with his wife Jacqi.

Deneb Catalan

Deneb is a Portland based photographer specializing in actor’s headshots, fashion, editorial, commercial and corporate photography. He also works as a Producer and Writer in numerous film and media projects in various stages of development.

Dragomir Vukovic

Clients – Houghton Mifflin Publishing, Samtiden (A Norwegian Political and Literary Magazine), Island Magazine, Gypsy Soul (Seattle Band)

Levy Moroshan

Levy Moroshan has been in the photography field for over 10 years. Working with both commercial and private individuals to deliver the best images possible.

Creatives & Copywriters

Tom Herring

Tom Hering is a copywriter and creative director.

He has worked for respected agencies in Portland and Seattle before starting
his own creative services firm. He is graduate of the “less is more” school of thought. His work reflects that.


Bobby has been writing stories since he was a kid—first with a tape recorder, then with pen and paper, on stage, and finally with a camera.

He works with creative agencies, production companies, and businesses writing scripts, directing, and developing marketing content.

Jo Sparkes

A well-known Century City Producer once said that Jo Sparkes “…writes some of the best dialogue I’ve read.” 

She’s written for Children’s live-action and animated television programs, and scripted commercial work and internet videos for corporate clients.

"Their studio is beautiful everyone was super helpful!"

It was a great experience working with Rex! We had to schedule a last minute ADR session for a commercial and Tara, their producer and Business Manager, was able to shift around schedules and really saved us! Russ our engineer is a delight to work with, he was able to patch in our studio in LA and the entire session ran very smoothly. Their studio is beautiful everyone was super helpful.

Ian Donnelly | Producer | 72 And Sunny

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